Joshua Merrick


In 2009 my brother and I and two of our childhood friends started Provident Metals. We knew a lot about gold and silver bullion but we weren’t really sure how to sell it. We knew we needed to get online and get some organic traffic fast in order to stay afloat. At that time I knew we needed to be on the top of the search engine results page but I didn’t really understand how; so I began my deep dive into the SEO rabbit hole. Along with my colleagues at Provident Metals and a few SEO mentors we were able to take Provident Metals from zero dollars in sales to over a quarter of a billion dollars in annual sales within a few short years. In 2017 my partner Tariqul and I created Buzz Geek, LLC from the ground up. We knew we had the skills to rank websites high on the search engine results page with our combined experience and skills, but we weren’t sure if we would be able to convince any clients of this. After a slow start and steady growth we now have a big team of extremely talented individuals, and have been blessed with the most wonderful clients that feel like family to us. With the love and support from my family, my team, and our clients, I hope to be able to continue to enjoy sustained growth for years to come.

Josh Merrick