Minneapolis WordPress Web Design for Local Minnesota Businesses

When it comes to web design, convention is out. With the right Minneapolis WordPress web design, you’ll be able to grow your local business in ways you thought impossible. With continuous updates and improvements to your web design, your clients will never lose interest in your product or services. The right WordPress web design would let you process on time and within budget, launch a great, yet smaller site quickly, reduce overhead costs, and continuously make impactful improvements based on user data.

The Best Minneapolis WordPress Web Design   

It happens to every company: you make a site, start marketing, and gain new customers. However, the leads inevitably slow down. The right design will take your website to a new level by giving your clients what they’re looking for without putting a strain on your internal resources.

Web designers are just like all other designers. They always need to be alert when it comes to finding out what the latest trends are. A good web designer keeps both usability for the user and brand image in mind. This is why designers remove details that users don’t like and expand on the ones they do like every year.

WordPress Trends in 2019

One important trend involves asymmetrical web design. This is what can make your site unique. Asymmetrical designs are busier than the minimalist style that was trendy in the last several years, but they look very professional and smart when done right. 

Typography can make the difference between a high and a low “bounce” rate. Users are attracted by bold typography, especially in a big font.

Companies that would like to incorporate motion into their websites find particle backgrounds a great option, even better than a video background. One key advantage to particle backgrounds is that the load time is less than that of a larger background video. Particle backgrounds are differentiated by animations creating a natural and engaging movement that works on a subconscious level.

A Personalized Online Experience

A locally built custom website design is a key measure to developing a personalized online experience that potential and current clients will enjoy. WordPress is practically free and very easy to use. Even someone without any technical background can build a site on it. For a Minnesota business, more specifically one based in this large city, the right WordPress design can prove to be of paramount importance. For a company in Minneapolis, the WordPress web design can make the difference between few and many leads.

If you opt for a website builder like GoDaddy, Wix, or SquareSpace, you’ll be investing a lot of energy, content, and time. Then, if you choose not to work with them anymore, your progress and effort prove to have been in vain. What is more, WordPress is the most responsive type of design. It is programmed to adapt to mobile and desktop devices. WordPress website designs automatically resize images, content, and functionalities to fit each and every screen.

Constant Access to the Site

You can edit and update your design from anywhere as long as you have Internet access. Moreover, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing business. You can work with WordPress at every stage. With Internet access, potential clients throughout Minneapolis can find you. WordPress’s responsive website designs provide desktop and mobile users an optimized experience. They are a great way to give your audience an amazing first impression.

Choosing a Theme

Choosing a framework to work with will limit the work you do and enhance the speed of your overall development process. Several WordPress theme networks are available. We recommend installing a set of WordPress plugins and keeping them as part of your company’s blueprint. The process will get faster with the right plugins that do specific tasks.

You can do most of the work on your own right from the get-go. However, you’ll find you need more people as your business grows. You’ll go farther with a team. When you decide you need a team, you can opt for a freelancer or agency or hire someone to work with you permanently. It pays off to employ people with the right skills and knowledge. Although it can take time to find people you can depend on, please know this effort is worth your patience in the long run.

The Importance of Backup

WordPress’s automatic backup feature is one of the things we love most about WP. Losing data can be costly, and it’s particularly bad if the data belongs to a client. All businesses should invest in setting up an effective backup system in addition to the automatic one. This is crucial to the development environment.

If you plan on hosting client websites in addition to your need of Minneapolis WordPress web design, you have to invest in backing up their data as often as possible. You should also enable autosave on all code editing software and tools and make backups of your development environment.

Choosing The Best Minneapolis WordPress Web Design and Hosting

Your customers might need your help and tips on choosing the right WordPress hosting for their needs. Frequently, smaller web design agencies in Minnesota provide hosting for client websites. This lets them earn some extra cash, but comes with a series of hassles. It’s always challenging to find the right company to design your website. A lot of web design companies are worse at designing web sites than they are at advertising. It’s harder to deliver and create an outstanding product than write persuasive copy.

Your business in Minneapolis needs WordPress web design that meets your particular requirements, not a standard site or, what’s worse, a buggy or otherwise unappealing one. There’s one strategy that practically guarantees that you will find the best WordPress web designer, one who will create a unique, customized website for you. What’s the secret? Writing a comprehensive request for proposal or RFP. This will immediately separate the good from the poor prospects on your list.

Let’s take a closer look at how this can be achieved. You can filter out poor or inadequate candidates and be left with only the best, and effortlessly at that.

Find the Best Minneapolis WordPress Web Design and Designer with a RFP

An RFP merits a professional and customized response. Any good designer knows that. This request tells prospects that you’re looking for an outstanding website. And yes, that’s possible with WordPress. And it’s possible without extensive investment on your part. A request for proposal challenges a designer to prove he or she has what it takes to create a site that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

Why is it so important to create an RFP when you want a great Minneapolis WordPress web design? First of all, it helps you clarify what you really need. An RFP will make you sit down with your staff (or by yourself) and decide exactly what kind of WordPress website you want. This is an important process that will help you find the best designer for your needs. It will weed out designers who create generic or otherwise unattractive websites. 

A designer or company you wouldn’t want to hire will not respond to your RFP. Such people don’t want to bother with a detailed request because it’s too much trouble and because they realize you’re too demanding for what they can provide in terms of service and product quality. This is great for you as a Minneapolis company because you disqualify inappropriate candidates automatically.

You won’t get a generic sales pitch. You’re showing you want specific answers. A lot of Minneapolis WordPress web design companies have smart, slick salespeople or copywriters who can tell you all the advantages of their websites. However, none of them can ensure that they will create the right website for your unique business. An RFP is a request for attention to your specific concerns.

Get an Accurate Estimate

You shouldn’t buy a website package from a designer or company without a detailed proposal because you don’t know what you’re getting. Often, expectations don’t correspond to deliverables, and sometimes the price is higher than what you hoped for. The company will say that they didn’t know you wanted a certain feature, which accounts for the price increase. A professional request works toward clear communication and does away with ambiguity about your expectations.

What Should Your Request Include?

Now that we’ve explained why it’s so important to send out an RFP, let’s move on to the issue of drafting one to find the best Minneapolis WordPress web design and designers.

Always include a detailed description of your business. This includes information about its size, the area you serve (only for physical businesses in Minneapolis), your sector and products, and your customer demographics. Indicate the purpose of your WordPress website. Describe how it fits into your overall marketing plan. What is its main purpose? Indicate whether you are a direct seller (if you have an e-commerce site or online store) or whether the site is a branding or lead-generating tool.

Describe the problems or limitations of your existing site, if applicable. What barriers do you want to overcome with your new WordPress design?

Make sure you discuss the essential features of the website. It’s very important to specify everything you want and need, your design requirements, size of the website (approximate number of pages), and the type of style and layout you want. Naturally, this relates to your target audience. A beer company, a financial website, and a clothing retailer will all need a different approach. You also need to include specific technical needs, hosting needs, security needs, analytics, and any other specifications. Then, there’s the issue of what kind of content your business wants on your website. Do you want videos, articles, images, blog posts, opt-in pages? All the essential features need to be listed.

Cost and Deadline

Always specify the cost and time frame. Of course, you want to know how much the project will cost and how long it’s going to take. Give them your time frame for completing the project. Indicate your budget for the project. These elements will disqualify designers that can’t meet your needs in these aspects, so consider these figures carefully.

Ask for Details

It’s no accident that they say the devil’s in the details. Always ask for details about the web design company. A suspicious candidate will withhold this information or won’t be forthcoming. Any sign of hesitation should make you wary. Quite the opposite with a company that offers good quality and has nothing to hide.

Apart from expressing your needs, it’s important to talk to the vendor as well. Never refrain from requesting detailed information about their Minneapolis WordPress web design in your industry. Ask for examples and links to their work and possibly references.

Contact and Details

Give candidates a deadline to respond to your RFP. Tell them how they can contact you with questions. Send a contract template and clarify your decision-making and interview process.

Final Thoughts on Minneapolis WordPress Web Design

If your website isn’t getting the leads or other results you’re hoping for, it’s time for a change. Today, local Minneapolis SEO and an engaging WordPress website are an imperative part of your online presence.  We at BuzzGeek can help you develop a local solution for your Minneapolis business that meets your expectations, needs, targets, and budget. Apart from delivering an outstanding design, we can help optimize your speed, work on Google Maps rankings, and create organic local SEO.

Our cost effective Minneapolis WordPress web design solutions will help you find and fill the gaps in your digital marketing and web design. We can develop a plan to achieve your desired results and help your business get back on track. You can contact us at [email protected] or by calling 612-600-3889